Way Down Deep

David Grissom
David Grissom


......embracing change, growth and laying down a badass groove


Right on

Fine as a funky little thing can be


A lean low rider cruising down the street

Come on

Come on sugarcane get next to me

Candy/Straight up

Your sweet lovin' ain't all I need

I wanna know what makes your heart shine

What goes on in that beautiful mind


I wanna dig down deep

Way down deep



Don't lead me on with no shallow line

Show me

If we dig down deep what I might find

Tell me

About the hot blood pumpin through your veins

Hold me

Cool me down like a summer rain

Nothin about you I don't wanna know

Ain't but one place I wanna go


I wanna dig down deep

Way down deep


Yeah Way down deep


Walkin' down Easy Street ain't the easy way to Eden

It takes an inside job and a heavy toolbox to lose the voice of reason