Guitar Master Class in Austin! Sold Out

I'm excited to be teaching a 6 hour guitar master class in Austin February 4th at Guitar Ranch!! Details here:

The course will cover my approach to soloing and rhythm playing, tips on how to break out of the playing ruts we all get into, and how to use and select your gear to get the tone you want.

We’ll go over my approaches to blues, rock, and country, focusing on the techniques and sounds that define my style.

We’ll take an in depth look at how I do pedal steel bends in all styles of music, how I play rhythm to get a bigger and more in tune sound, how to use capos and baritone guitars to open up the sounds you use and inspire your songwriting, “how to get the gig”, and how to work and break in to studio playing.

I’ll bring my rig to show you how I use my gear in the studio, and there will be lots of question and answer throughout. Class size will be limited. The class is sold out, thank you!